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male and female yorkie puppies for adoption

This is breaking my heart but I have to find a loving home for my sweetheart of dogs.(567) 218-0084 they a 12 weeks old Yorkie, pure breed and extremely energetic. they still acts like puppies. they are the sweetest dogs ever and couldn't hurt a fly and they do get really excited and barks like crazy when our neighbors walk their dogs. Unfortunately I live on a corner home and my front yard is on a main walking street where they play. So they see people walking their dogs all day and they bark. they don't bark otherwise...and we all know how many dogs there are in Castro Valley. We have over 50 dogs walk by our house a day.they have never bitten anyone, they are kinda house broken and they sleep in a crate each night. they are the happiest dogs ever and maybe they just need a bigger yard than I can give them.Please, please, if you can give them a good home, contact me ASAP. they have lived with my 14 year old mini dachshund since they were puppies and they get along very well with other dogs.My neighbors have told us they'll call animal services on us if we don't get this taken care of.

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