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Spells to obtain DR HAKIM +27785364465 the love of a specific person.
American Samoa

Spells to obtain DR HAKIM +27785364465 the love of a specific person. This is a white magic spell that sends a beam of love energy to a specific person. They will feel this energy subconsciously, and it will make them more receptive to your love. This is a white magic spell, so it doesn’t force the person to love you, but it does purify the bond between you two, strengthening it with love energy, so that it is more likely for this specific person to love you back if their free will permits it. Wait until nighttime, cast your circle, and put one red candle in each of the four cardinal directions outlining your circle. Light a fire in the cauldron. On the piece of paper, draw a heart in red ink, and inside it write the name of the specific person whose love you wish to obtain. Take the rose quartz in your hand, and gaze at the paper in front of you while imagining a beam of pink energy flowing from the crystal to your heart, and onto the paper. Pour all your love for the person into this energy, and imagine them being bathed in this soft, gentle beam of light. Contact details: Email: Call : +27785364465 Info:

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